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Family-Friendly Farmhouse Fun: Activities for All Ages During Your Staycation

By Villa Basera on April 01, 2024

Sometimes, all you need is a peaceful getaway from the rush of daily life to restore your senses and strengthen your relationships with your loved ones. And where better to achieve that than to take a vacation to a quaint farmhouse tucked away in the arms of nature? You're in luck if you live in Delhi or Gurgaon! Some of the best villas and farmhouses in the area are available for a lovely break. Among the best getaways from Delhi, Villa Basera is a shining example of elegance, cosiness, and kid-friendly attractions.

Villa Basera: A Place of Cosiness and Elegance

Villa Basera, tucked away in Gurgaon's tranquil environs, provides the ideal blend of modern conveniences and traditional charm. This magnificent farmhouse is made to satisfy the demands of families looking for a quiet retreat without sacrificing luxury. With its spacious rooms, verdant gardens, and plenty of recreational amenities, Villa Basera ensures that every member of your family has a special moment while visiting.

Activities for All Ages

The abundance of family-friendly activities offered by Villa Basera is one of its most alluring features. This place has plenty to offer everyone, whether you want enjoy the great outdoors or are thrill-seekers:

● Nature Hikes

Take a leisurely stroll around Villa Basera's expansive grounds to start your day. Enjoy the revitalising effect of the fresh air while you explore the bright flowers and luxuriant vegetation.

● Outdoor Games

Play a range of outdoor activities, such volleyball, badminton, or cricket, in friendly competition. There's enough room on the large lawns to let your competitive side out while spending quality time with your loved ones.

● Swimming

On a bright day, cool down in the dazzling pool with a pleasant swim. There are cosy loungers in Villa Basera's pool area so you can unwind and enjoy the sun while the youngsters play in the water.

● Nights of Bonfires

Go for an evening of warmth and friendship around the roaring campfire as the sun sets. Toast marshmallows, tell tales, and take in the peaceful atmosphere beneath the stars.

● Play Indoor Games

Take use of the indoor diversions available, such as board games, table tennis, and carrom, on days when the weather is bad. As you spend time with your loved ones, let the atmosphere be filled with laughing and cheerful conversation.

● Cooking Sessions

Discover your culinary prowess with an enjoyable cooking class at Villa Basera's well-equipped kitchen. Enjoy the pleasure of dining as a family while preparing delectable meals together with fresh products from the surrounding markets.

● Relaxation

Not to mention, spend some time relaxing and reviving your senses. Opt for a farm house on rent Delhi at Villa Basera as you can get access to plenty of possibilities for rest and renewal, whether it's reading a book in the hammock, doing yoga in the tranquil surroundings, or just taking in the silence.


In conclusion, Villa Basera offers stays that will never be forgotten, full of joy, leisure, and priceless memories. This weekend getaway in Delhi, or at other places is the ideal place for your next trip because of its family-friendly amenities and abundance of things to do for people of all ages. So prepare for a soothing getaway surrounded by nature's embrace by packing your luggage, gathering your loved ones, and heading to Villa Basera.


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